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1. Officer Nick Viaggio assaulted his girlfriend and threw a handcuffed prisoner against a wall because the man asked to use the bathroom. 2. Frederick Currie molested a young woman during a traffic stop. 3. Gandhi Lora is a registered sex offender convicted of possessing and promoting child pornography.  4. Larry Allen sent a number of sexual messages to someone that he thought was a 14-year old girl. Currently in prison, yet has collected nearly $117,000 from the pension system and still earns $2,600 each month. 5.Kurt Stout was investigated 26 times for rape, having sex with inmates, harassment, smuggling contraband and threatening to beat prisoners. 6.Crystal O Carlisle assault. 7.Timothy B Simmons DUI, sexual assault. 8.James H Scharfschwerdt found guilty of three-counts of sexual battery. 9.Jeanette Hevel grand theft $1,900 money orders. 10. Paul Madsen drinking on duty at a topless bar. 11.German Bosque excessive force. defying orders, lying. 12.James Lee Foy sex with a minor. 13.Patrick Earwood child molestation. 14. torture suspects, forge reports, and alter their testimony; beating handcuffed suspects and prisoners and causing a pregnant woman to miscarry. 15. Theron Poteat fired for misconduct.  16.Brian Christopher Dodge & Billy Charles Koepke stealing money and pills from pain clinic customers.17. Lajoyce Houston welfare fraud. 18.Scott Guffey sex on duty in unmarked car. 19.Dave Dennison using a police chopper to drop off a fishing net at a friend's house. 20. Richard Perez sending racist e-mails from work.

DirtyCops was created in 2013 as a parody of CellMates and BUSTED, papers which legally publish arrest records and booking photos. I hope it encourages the public to hold police to a similar level of accountablity.  Information on these Florida officers was gathered from multiple, published news sources. DirtyCops was printed and distributed to a local jail and area gas stations.  Thank you to the officers who do not abuse the system or the public.

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